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Dauer: Ca. 60 Min.

Tickets: 12,-/8,-


Donnerstag 22.11., um 20:00 Uhr  

Anderson Vieira e Fabio Dornas

Desvio. Rastro.

Gastspiel aus Brasilien

‘Desvio’ (30 minutes)

Performers: Anderson Vieira e Fabio Dornas
Concept: Anderson Feliciano, Anderson Vieira and Fabio Dornas

Text and Direction: Anderson Feliciano
Lighting: Emerson Herbert
Costume design: Silma Dornas
Soundtrack: Jhonatta Vicente

In ‘Desvio’ the artist-explorers Anderson Feliciano, Anderson Vieira and Fábio Dornas use different elements from Brazilian culture, such as songs sung by field workers during the harvest of sugar cane and cacao and the wash basin, a typical object used by washerwomen in the northern regions of Minas Gerais, as a foundation to create their performance. They serve as a bearing for both dramaturgical composition and the composition of movements. Anderson Feliciano uses his study experiences, which he developed during his Master in Dramaturgy, to conduct the dancer-performers Anderson Vieira and Fábio Dornas, who both are developing research within the area of dance, into following different routes, experiment paths yet not followed, in the hope of constructing a work, creating a dialogue with the delicate political and social moment we live in. The proposal is to reflect and question the current situation of the country, aesthetically seeking a way to sensitize people to understand that they can also invent new routes: to deviate.

‘Rastro’ (20 minutes)

Performers: Anderson Vieira and Fábio Dornas
Direction - Ana Régis und Benjamin Abras
Lighting - Emerson Herbert
Costume design - Silma Dornas

Track. A track traced by daily life. Both performers playing with the heavy and the light things of this daily life. The residue of what has been traced by them highlights, throughout their walks and artistic exchanges, the poetic and unpretentious physical overflowing, when the mark of every step given to the unknown, is totally free and at the mercy of the imagination.