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Clouds reveal a physical, sensory and spiritual landscape that is constantly changing. Its movement and visual aesthetics also do not stop moving - between endless delicacy and existential upheaval

In the center of a space that looks randomly designed and sparse, performer Daniel Edvardson stands without shelter. Using his body and voice, drawing inspiration from cabaret shows and genres such as clowning and circus performances, Daniel produces a vibrant show

In a show that explores the boundaries of the familiar and stretches them, the creator creates from the banal and the abstract a performative bubble that has from the ridiculous and colorful but also from the morbid and dark: his raw, grotesque characters, wandering in space, modeling positions clumsily, and seem to be looking for meaning and connection with the emptiness and the audience that surrounds them. It is a search for a unique and imaginative performative being; Like clouds floating in the sky.

Daniel Edvardson, 1993, is an artist working in the fields of performance and visual art, based in Tel-Aviv. He enjoys experimenting with the human body and often works interdisciplinary. He has worked with the Dor Frank in various productions since 2019. "Clouds" is their second production. Dor Frank, 1991, is a professional dancer and choreographer. As a dancer she has collaborated with various dance companies in Israel. She draws inspiration from different improvisation practices. Besides her artistic work she is also a Flying Low teacher and practitioner.

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