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Do 09.01.2014
Fr 10.01.2014
Sa 11.01.2014

Performance mit Adam Read nach "The third Policeman" von Flann O’Brien


Performance/Regie: Adam Read
Video/Animation: Thomas Brose
Sound Design: Miriam Siebenstadt, Hen Lovely Bird, Moldy Horse
Set Design: Dmytry Galanov
Kostüme: Olga Dumova
Light Design: Daniel Semke

Preise: 10€, 7 € (erm)

In a bunker hidden in the forest there is a chamber that borders on the realms of eternity, the chamber is surveyed with a series of numbers and readings from the machines that run it! The characters are transformed by their surrounding desires, it is not sure if we are in a timeless world, not alive. Omnium is a performance installation inspired by the surrealistic novel "The third Policeman" an atomic theory explores the theory of humans becoming part bicycle, part human depending on how much time they spend cycling, what is interesting and relevant? In a world which is dominated by futuristic man mad machinery, are we losing our identity inside of this Atomic age?