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Performance by Adam Read


Frei nach Flann O’Brien „Der dritte Polizist„

In einem verborgenen Bunker befindet sich ein Raum voller geheimnisvoller Maschinen. Ein von seinen Visionen und Phantasien beherrschter „Verrückter„ versucht hier, die allmächtig machende Substanz „Omnium„ zu synthetisieren.

Performance/Regie: Adam Read
Photo Daniel Briskin
Costume Olga Dumova
Light Kovacs Ludovit- Luigi
Sound Konstantin Gervis

The Third Policeman is a book about a bike – or is it a book; it has been described as absurdist, a book about bicycles, a philosophical masterpiece, or as Alice in Wonderland in Hell. We follow an unnamed narrator as he meanders around the countryside of an unspecific, unnamed place centred upon a strange, outwardly two dimensional police station which boasts strange multi – dimensional characters on the inside, among them a bicycle. The bicycle is indeed a bona fide character in it`s own right, because we are never sure in the novel where the rider starts and his bicycle ends. The police officers on duty are preoccupied with bicycle theft, and the theft of bicycle parts, but also find time out from their busy schedule of all things bicycle to discuss the philosophy of life, the universe and „…the whole pancake" as they call it.