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Dauer: 50 Min.

Tickets: 12,- /8,-

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Mi 14.11.2018
Do 15.11.2018
Fr 16.11.2018
Sa 17.11.2018


SCHIZOPHRENIE: Ich will 4 Schritte machen

Butoh Performance

Each new step is in conflict with the last. The conflict lies between what the body is and what it needs to be. The feeling now and the desire for the next step is revealed in Butoh. Each new step cancels the value of the last. Without this conflict there is no Butoh.

WED 14. Nov | 7:45pm | "MITTEL OF NOWHERE"
THU 15. Nov | 7:45pm | "XHAIN & BERG"

FRI 16. Nov | 7:45pm | "A DOG"

SAT 17. Nov | 7:45pm | "ASSEMBLAGE"

concept and realization: VALENTIN TSZIN (dance)  www.tszin.dance 

sound:DANIEL WILLIAMS  http://soundcloud.com/vintage909-ghostradio

voice: Madeleine White  http://maddishakes.tumblr.com

photo: Ulrich Heemann

graphic design: Fabian VB

TICKETS: € 12 (at the door) / € 8 (reservation)

* The capacity is limited to 80 seats

** Doors open 7:45pm (intro)

*** Doors close 8:00pm (start)