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Dauer: 45 Minuten

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Gespielt am:

Fr 07.07.2023

Facebook: fb.me/e/2B1VWVMpy

video producer, set designer, director:
Olena Avdieieva

sound producer & engineer:
Serzh Avdieiev

voice, music, choreography:

Texts by:
Serhii Zhadan, Halyna Kruk, Oleg Kadanov, Ingret Kostenko

Subtitles English, German

minimum_duo & INGRET

Ukrainian War Poetry

Audio-visuelle Performance

Every person in every country has common questions in life. For a year now, Ukrainians have been facing more and more complex questions. What does the war mean to us? What is it - home? What does it mean to be a refugee? Can art influence the war? Can war inspire art? Can art exist on frontline?

This project was created on the basis of modern Ukrainian war poetry. We use poetic texts and video collages combined with live authentic vocals, electronic instruments and piano, framing everything with an experimental scenography.

INGRET is a Ukrainian alternative singer. sings ethnic folk, indie pop, trip hop. Super finalist of the Voice of Ukraine show, a participant in the Ukrainian national Eurovision selection. Transmits your thoughts and energy through musical expression.


With our performances, we have always tried to raise the issue of connection between events, their causes and consequences, connection between places and events that happened or will happen there. We are also interested in researching methods of material accumulation and forms of its presentation. Each of our performances differs in the shape of the screens, scenography and genres of music. Sometimes we involve other artists in performances or join other projects. We experiment with objects on stage and digital technologies.

Ukrainan War Poetry – © minimum_duo Ukrainan War Poetry – © minimum_duo Ukrainan War Poetry – © minimum_duo Ukrainan War Poetry – © minimum_duo Ukrainan War Poetry – © minimum_duo Ukrainan War Poetry – © minimum_duo