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Marco Aiello, Claudio Pomponi

Marco Aiello and Claudio Pomponi



It stems from the challenge of confronting the empty space and absence of a text on a daily basis, recognizing the initial bewilderment as a universal truth and an invitation to proceed without the ambition to resolve.

It is the Journey that each individual is called to make when he stumbles upon the miracle of the drama that awakens him to the path and to nature as a whole.

Each step is a trial that initiates him into the fatigue of repetition and thus into ritual.

„So persuaded of the exclusively human, blind man who wishes to see and who knows that the night has no end, he is always on his way.“ (from „The Myth of Sisyphus“, Albert Camus)

The performance opens with the sound of an alarm to signal the entrance, the realisation that generates the crisis and begins the fracture, leading the novice (the actor) to the border zone, defined by Van Gennep (The Rites of Passage) as “margin” or “limen”.

The actor, blindfolded, struggles to celebrate the event.

„In movement there is a blessing; therefore, when you feel the anxiety of the search within you, always be in motion, act and don’t say to yourself: What sense does this coming and going have ? Keep going and the meaning will appear to you alone“ (From „The Essence of the Real“, Rûmi)

The abyss into which he falls reminds him of gravity as a necessary condition to evolve.
„The love that moves the sun and the others stars.“ (Dante, Heaven XXXIII,145)

A revelatory landing: the stone.

Between the sea and the mountains

in a place that spends

of origins its saying

to the present

is to return.

So the orange

that of the sun the circle

knows everything

nothing separates.

„I learnt to go: from that moment I let myself run. I have learnt to fly: from that moment I no longer want to be bumped to move. Now I am light, now a god dances, if I dance.“

(from „Thus Spake Zarathustra“, Friedrich Nietzsche)

Marco Aiello

Born in Cosenza in 1988, he began his training by attending courses at Cifa (International Arts Training Center) and taking part in some shows organized by R.A.T. center Theatre in Cosenza. He moved to Rome in 2011 to study and practise method techniques at the school directed by B.Bracco. After his film debut in “La Terra dei Santi” by F. Muraca, he continuedhis training by practicing and integrating workshops and seminars in Denmark, at Odin Teatret and in Lithuania with a young company in Rasienai. He has been living in Rome since 2011.

Claudio Pomponi
Born in Rieti in 1993, he began his training by attending the “Atelier about Commedia dell’Arte” directed by M.Monetta. He moved to Milan to attend the theatre-dance course at the “Civica” Paolo Grassi. He lives between Rimini and Rome, working in the audiovisual field.
In 2019, Marco Aiello and Claudio Pomponi begin a collaboration working on the text “Foemina Ridens” by G.Fava, deriving from it a re- adaptation entitled Pupa and Orlando, which premiered and replicated last November at the Trastevere Theater in Rome.
In 2020 they begin a work of research, of independence from the text to listen to the body and the infinite possibilities to which it leads.
From this approach ELEPHANT WALK was born, a performance that is meant to be an attempt to trace the original center of theater through ritual gesture.

An initiatory, evolutionary journey, strong with a poor scene and sacred of a stone that guards its time.
Last August the Performance won the Call for artists of Oscillazioni 2023, an international festival supported by the municipality of Pontremoli in Tuscany, where we were guests and where we shared the performance for the first time outdoors, in an unusual and evocative setting.

ELEPHANT WALK – © Marco Aiello ELEPHANT WALK – © Marco Aiello ELEPHANT WALK – © Marco Aiello ELEPHANT WALK – © Marco Aiello

Gewinner des "Oscillazioni Prize" 2023