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Christina Kyriazidi

Christina Kyriazidi


solo performance

[OBLIVION] is a dance-theatre stage composition (solo performance) based on the poetry collection [ lambda theta ] by Christina Kyriazidi. It is the second part of the trilogy RED / OF OBLIVION/ BODY, a collaboration between the Greek poet and performer Christina Kyriazidi, and the Icelandic composer Smári Gudmundson. The trilogy is about WOMANHOOD, and explores all aspects and problematics of female identity - archetypal, ontological, sexual, political and social.

[OBLIVION] deals with the pandemic of oblivion and how it affects contemporary women. Through fragments of stories of different women at the very moment when memory abandons them, we witness the chronicle of a silent lament. However, it is a noisy silence, full of memory leaps, from which women's voices emerge: victims of femicide, domestic and state violence, refugee experiences, and abandonment. A series of women meet briefly and fragmentarily just before sinking into oblivion.

The performance is based on poetry and prose texts by C. Kyriazidi with additional references to K. Cavafy's "Polis" and J. Cocteau's "Human Voice”.

Christina Kyriazidi is a Greek theatre and radio maker, musician, and writer based between Berlin, and Athens. She studied acting and playwriting in Greece and the UK, and she has worked as a theatre actress, director, and dramaturge in several European and South American countries. She has collaborated with international theatre groups such as Odin Teatret, and she has created 17 solo performances that have toured festivals in Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Germany, Argentina, and Brazil. Her theatre plays have been awarded and performed in Greece, Germany, Brazil, and Spain and her poetry has been published in Greece. Finally, she is also the founder of various international art projects, including the story collection platform STORY FOR FOOD in Berlin, and the International Storytelling & Performing Arts Festival "We Love Stories" in Chania, Crete. http://christinakyriazidi.com

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